New Update On Drew McIntyre’s Neck Injury

Drew McIntyre in the ring with WWE Championship

A new report has provided an update on the situation regarding the neck injury that has kept Drew McIntyre out of action since WWE Day 1.

At WWE Day 1 on New Year’s Day, Drew McIntyre competed against Madcap Moss in a singles match. The ‘Scottish Warrior’ had a more difficult time with Moss than many expected and ended up in a tricky spot when Moss was able to trap him upside down in the corner. However, McIntyre was able to get up in time to grab Moss and throw him across the ring before hitting a Claymore for the victory.

Later in the night, Moss and Corbin ambushed McIntyre backstage. They finished the attack by wrapping a chair around his neck and hitting it with part of a lighting rig. Following the show, WWE gave an injury update saying that the ‘Scottish Warrior’ had suffered a “cervical neck strain” and would require a follow-up evaluation with an orthopedic cervical specialist.

At the time, PWInsider reported that the segment was a way of writing McIntyre off TV as he had been dealing with real-life neck issues for several weeks and required medical testing. No timescale for his absence was known as he had not been checked out. However, yt was also noted that McIntyre was wearing a neck brace when he left Day 1.

A follow-up report from Mike Johnson has now given a possible indication for when the former WWE Champion could return to the ring. The report states that McIntyre is featured in an ad for the March 25th SmackDown taping that will take place in Brooklyn, NY. If he is cleared to compete at that event, it would mean that McIntyre will be back in action in time for WrestleMania 38.

It should also be noted that Johnson does warn that this could “be a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing”, suggesting it is not a concrete reason to believe Drew McIntyre will be cleared to return by the advertised show.