Montez Ford Addresses Importance Of Bianca Belair-Jade Cargill Rivalry

Jade Cargill walking to the ring

Although it would seem they may not have fully spoken yet, the importance of a rivalry between Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill hasn’t been lost on Montez Ford.

It was another one of the traditional worst kept secrets which seem to happen a lot in wrestling. Soon after it was noted that former TBS Champion Jade Cargill’s contract with AEW had expired, it seemed common knowledge that sooner or later she would be announced as joining WWE, which is exactly what happened on 26th September.

Straight away there was discussion about what match possibilities there were, with Bianca Belair’s name the top of many lists.

In a discussion with the New York Post, Belair’s husband Montez Ford has spoken of how important a confrontation between the two would be.

It just shows the true testament of how both of these women are because I don’t even think they’ve physically greeted each other yet. The fact that they’re both been talked about in such a high regard lets you know the importance of both of these women. So I don’t even have to tell you about the importance to women’s wrestling.

“They Should Get A Round Of Applause”

Continuing on, Montez Ford said that they should get credit just for being spoken about in the manner they are.

The fact that it’s been so talked about already lets you know the foundation and the hard work and time that they both put in that everyone is still clamoring over something that has a huge possibility of happening, but that they want to happen. They should get a round of applause for that itself because you have all these people talking and you guys haven’t even said too much to each other yet.

That time will come. I’m pretty sure it will. But I think the level of importance of it is, not only is it looked at in high regard, but it gives more women’s wrestlers, women of culture this motivation to do this same thing as well and at such a very, very, high level, both of them, specifically my wife as well.

At Fastlane, Montez Ford will be involved in a six-man tag as The Street Profits will team with Bobby Lashley to take on the LWO.