Nikki Bella Confused By X-Rated Taunts From AEW Star

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Nikki Bella — like the rest of the wrestling world, has been left confused by Toni Storm.

After picking up a win over Thunder Rosa at AEW Dynasty, “Timeless” Toni Storm made her way to the media scrum. In typical “Timeless” style, the star took aim at several targets while also poking fun at Triple H and Cody Rhodes, and telling Tony Khan he’s lucky to be part of her success.

However, what really grabbed the headlines was Storm telling Nikki Bella — now known as Nikki Garcia, that she couldn’t “hold a pussy-scented candle to what I do.”

If fans were left wondering what the AEW Women’s Champion was getting at, they weren’t on their own.

Speaking on the Nikki & Brie Show, Nikki Bella said the comments made her laugh out loud, even if she didn’t know what they meant.

I don’t know how I saw it. It got on my feed and I saw a headline. I was like, ‘Wait, what, what did she say?’ I think she said it Saturday at the press conference. It kind of made me laugh out loud, but I didn’t get it either.

She literally said, ‘Nicole Garcia thought about joining AEW when she saw Mercedes. You know why she didn’t? She then saw me and couldn’t hold a pussy scented candle to what I do.’ Pussy scented candle to her. I was like, ‘I can’t hold a pussy scented candle?’ What does that mean?

Nikki Bella Was Tempted By AEW Switch

Speaking on a different episode of the podcast, Nikki Bella revealed she was tempted to join AEW. The WWE Hall of Famer said she was inspired by Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut and contemplated contacting Tony Khan about joining the company.

However, she ultimately decided against it, deciding to stay with her young son.

In response, Tony Khan admitted he’d be open to working with the star, adding that Nikki and Brie are already part of the AEW family.

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