Tony Khan Happy To Welcome WWE Hall Of Famers To AEW

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan has made it clear he would be in favor of even more WWE Hall of Famers working for AEW.

Many former WWE stars currently work for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling promotion. Men like Adam Copeland, Billy Gunn, Jeff Jarett, and Mark Henry are WWE Hall of Famers while many other AEW talents like Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, Paul Wight, Christian Cage, Jeff Hardy, Mercedes Mone, and others will likely be inducted into the WWE HOF in the future too.

While some people might criticize Tony Khan for hiring too many ex-WWE stars at times, the AEW boss is all about building the best roster possible no matter where the wrestlers come from.

Nikki Garcia, who is a WWE Hall of Famer known as Nikki Bella, recently spoke about the AEW debut of Mercedes Mone in March led to her thinking that she might want to join All Elite Wrestling too.

“Since we’ve been lifting so much, we always say, we always start to get that wrestling mindset, ‘We’re going to go back and do this story and cut this promo.’ You get it, but how serious I got where I was like, ‘Okay, I think I can do maybe a year at AEW and I can do it every week.’

“When I saw Mercedes [Mone] debut and cut her promo, that line stuck with me, ‘Here, we’re going to make the evolution worldwide.’ I was like, ‘They do.’ It goes into many leagues, is what she means, it doesn’t have to be at one place. It can be at all these places where all these women are wrestling at.

“I go, ‘Brie, I think I can do it for a year. I can do it here to here and go every week.’ Then, I thought of Matteo. I had a good week of like, ‘This is it. I’m going to call Tony Khan. I’m your girl. I will commit.’ Then, I was like, ‘I can’t do that to my son right now. He needs me.’”

The 40-year-old Nikki Garcia is married to Russian dancer Artem Chigvintsev and she gave birth to her son Matteo in July 2020.

Tony Khan Reacts To Nikki Garcia’s Potential AEW Interest

In an interview with Tim Battle and Eli on the Battleground Podcast, Tony Khan made it clear that he would be interested in working with Nikki & Brie Garcia if they wanted to sign with AEW. Tony is good friends with Brie’s husband Bryan Danielson, who is not only a top wrestler for AEW but also part of the creative team. Khan spoke about his respect for the family.

“If Nikki Garcia ever wanted to come in to AEW, I would be very interested in that. I think the world of her. I have so much respect for Nicole and Brie. They’re like family to us because Bryan (Danielson) is like a part of my family, and that means Brie and Nicole part of the family.”

“So I have so much respect for both of them, and if Nikki was interested in coming to AEW, we would love to have her here any time. That was so great to hear. It means the world, and I just like both of them so much. I think they’re really, really cool, and really, really great stars that would add a lot to AEW if they ever wanted to come.”

Tony Khan and AEW present the Dynasty pay-per-view this Sunday, April 21st with Bryan Danielson in one of the featured matches against Will Ospreay.

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