MJF Names Favorite AEW Matches Of His Career

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MJF isn’t shy about giving his opinions on things in pro wrestling and recently he shared his thoughts on his favorite matches so far in his career.

While Maxwell Jacob Friedman is known for his incredible verbal skills that allow him to eviscerate anybody on the microphone, the talented 26-year-old is also very talented in the ring as well.

The year 2022 has been an interesting one for MJF since he had a memorable feud with CM Punk to start the year, which led to some memorable promos and incredible matches. At May’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view, Friedman lost to a dominant Wardlow in a match where he was reportedly upset due to not being paid enough while also apparently not being happy about his creative direction.

After over three months off television, the scarf-wearing villain returned at the All Out pay-per-view on September 4th and “won” the ladder match to earn an AEW World Title match.

MJF recently took part in a Twitter Q&A session where he was asked about his favorite matches so far in his career. The “generational talent” named two matches.

The match with Darby Allin was at the Full Gear pay-per-view in November 2021 in a 22-minute match that opened the show. It was a cheap finish where Maxwell used the Dynamite Diamond Ring to punch Allin (the referee) leading to a side headlock takeover for the pinfall win. During a promo building the match, MJF said he’d win with a side headlock takeover and that’s what happened. I rated it ****1/4 (out of five stars) in my review of the show while Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer went ****1/2 for it.

As for the Dog Collar Match, which was at Revolution in March 2022 in a match that was the culmination of MJF’s long-term feud with CM Punk. There was a big storyline in this match with Wardlow helping MJF beat Punk in the past, but this time Wardlow refused to do it and Punk managed to get the win in a bloodbath match. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer was really high on the match rating it ****3/4 while I rated it at ****1/4.

Clearly, those were two of MJF’s biggest matches, so it’s easy to understand why MJF would name them as two of his favorite matches.

MJF’s next big match will be in the main event of Full Gear on November 19th when he challenges Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship.