Mick Foley Unleashes Spectacular Music Video

Mick Foley

The world wasn’t ready for the musical stylings of Mick Foley but the WWE Hall of Famer has brought out a track and accompanying music video anyway!

Mick Foley has entertained generations of wrestling fans with his hardcore stylings as Cactus Jack, his incoherent ramblings as Mankind, and as the smooth-talking ladies man Dude Love. Now Foley has proved to have another hidden talent as he unveils a new song celebrating his achievements in the ring when it mattered less.

On his Foley Is Pod show, Mick Foley has given himself the moniker “Mr. In Your House” to recognise the show-stealing matches he was in on WWE’s In Your House events between 1996 and 1999.

Foley first appeared on the In Your House brand as Mankind in July 1996 when he defeated Henry O. Godwinn. He is probably best remembered for his In Your House appearances against Shawn Michaels at Mind Games, taking part in a Buried Alive match against The Undertaker, and challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE Championship as Dude Love in 1998.

The music video shows Foley and the ‘Dude Love Singers’ changing the lyrics to Anita Ward’s 1979 disco classic ‘Ring My Bell’ in their own unique and incredible way.