Multiple Companies Interested In Signing Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle

Following his WWE release, a new report suggests that multiple companies have an interest in signing Matt Riddle.

It was just about a week ago when WWE decided to release Matt Riddle along with around 20 other people. Riddle was one of the biggest names released along with Dolph Ziggler. In Riddle’s case, he was a former Raw Tag Team Champion and US Champion who was pushed fairly well for most of his main roster run.

There were a number of issues with Riddle in WWE’s eyes in terms of his behavior. There were complaints about Riddle going off script during promos at times, which is obviously a big no-no in WWE unless you get management’s permission.

A recent incident occurred where Riddle claimed he was sexually assaulted at an airport. It got a lot of attention and perhaps was an exaggeration, which doesn’t look good for WWE as a company. No charges have been laid in the supposed incident.

Matt Riddle likely has a lot of options in terms of where he works next

Despite his somewhat checkered past that has now seen him fired by both UFC and WWE, the 37-year-old Riddle does have options. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote about what could be next.

“Since the word last week of his being let go, there has been interest by a number of companies in both pro wrestling and MMA. Most pro wrestling companies of any size immediately expressed interest, and in MMA, both PFL and Bare Knuckle Fighting had expressed interest due to his name value from WWE and the fact he was a decent MMA fighter.”

“Riddle hasn’t fought in nine years and is 37, and real fighting is not a sport it would be wise to go back into unless it’s a big money offer. We’ve also seen with C.M. Punk that getting exposed in real fighting does not hurt someone when returning to pro wrestling as fans see them as different worlds.”

No matter what is next for Matt Riddle, he can’t make a major career move for about three months when his non-compete clause ends.