Matt Hardy Comments On Not Winning WWE Intercontinental Title

Matt Hardy

If you didn’t know, Matt Hardy was never a WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Recently on his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, the one-half of the Hardy Boyz would hold a Q&A session, and during so, he would speak about never winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship, wishing that wasn’t the case and how he would have loved to been a part of that history.

“I would have, yeah. Especially because the Intercontinental Championship had so much amazing WWE history and I would have loved to [have held the belt]. I would guess probably just more than anything, wrong place, wrong time. I was probably on the opposite brand or in some different program.

I was never booked in a really strong Intercontinental Title program that would have worked in a blowoff match with me winning, so I guess maybe, you know, wrong time, wrong place.”

Despite not ever holding the WWE Intercontinental Championship, Matt Hardy does have a load of other belts on his resume: WWE United States Champion, WWE European Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, WWE Cruiserweight Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE Raw Tag Team Champion, WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion and ECW Champion.

Currently, 48-year-old Matt Hardy is with the Tony Khan-led All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion.