Latest On WWE & Naomi Contract Negotiations

Naomi WWE

A new report has shed more light on the latest situation on negotiations between former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi and WWE.

Sasha Banks and Naomi haven’t appeared on WWE TV since walking out of the May 16th edition of Raw. Following what was reported as a row over creative, the former Women’s Tag Team Champions left the taping while it was in progress.

On the following episode of SmackDown, WWE confirmed that the pair had been suspended without pay, after handing their titles to then Head of Talent Relation Johnny Laurinaitis on the way out.

More recently, following the departure of former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, it was reported that the company reached out to both Sasha Banks and Naomi about repairing the relationship between all three parties and came to an agreement on a return for the duo. Although neither woman has returned to the fold since then.

Now writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted the latest on negotiations between WWE and Naomi. The report says that nothing new has been forthcoming on the deal due to sticking points. One of these could be regarding if WWE has frozen her contract since she walked out, meaning she’d still have time to work on her previous deal that was due to expire soon after the walkout.

It was reiterated by Meltzer that talks between the two sides are continuing.