Kurt Angle – “I’m Starting To Not Remember Things”

Kurt Angle

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has spoken candidly about the memory issues he is suffering as a result of his long and storied wrestling career.

Kurt Angle has one of the most illustrious careers in WWE history that saw him capture several championships including the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Title on four occasions. But the big wins and the successful wrestling career that came to an end at WrestleMania 35 did not come without cost.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show [first available at], the Olympic gold medallist revealed that his concussion issues are catching up with him and he is having trouble with his memory already:

“I would say I probably had four concussions that I know of. major. One was a slight concussion that wasn’t too bad. The other three were pretty bad. But, you know, even to this day, I’m starting to not remember things, you know, and I’m only in my early 50s. But, I’ve gotten a little damage to my brain, there’s no doubt about it. You know, my memory is not that great anymore. I really have to think hard about remembering the past.”

Kurt Angle also discussed his prior storylines with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and how he was stopped from getting too physical with McMahon by her father, Vince McMahon.