Kevin Owens “Looks Like He Just Left K-Mart” – Ex-WWE Star

Kevin Owens leans on ropes

A former WWE star has been critical of the appearance of Kevin Owens, believing he looks like he’s just finished working a shift at a convenience store.

Proving to be a formidable force during his time in NXT, Kevin Owens has had a resurgence of the more serious character in recent times following his feud with Ezekiel. He has shown a mean streak when ploughing through his opponents, which has put him back to the top of his game.

Despite this success, former WWE star and ECW World Champion Shane Douglas has been critical of Kevin Owens’ presentation. In the latest episode of Wrestling Shoot Interviews, ‘The Franchise’ noted that it looks like Owens has just walked out of K-Mart and that he could do a better job of looking like a formidable wrestler.

My thing about Kevin is, you know, to each his own, like we each create our own character, right? He has amazing in-ring ability but he looks like he just left the Kmart on a shift, right? Look like the star that he is because he’s damn good in the ring. I just don’t know if it’s the company telling him that or if that’s just what he’s comfortable doing. And I don’t mean he be out there in sequins and a burning cape or whatever, but look like a wrestler.

Whether Kevin Owens could do with changing his image or not, his credentials in recent years can’t be questioned. He has also recently claimed that he will be making another push for the WWE Universal Championship, and on the 26th September 2022 edition of Monday Night Raw he teamed with the returning Johnny Gargano in a successful out against The Alpha Academy.

With thanks to Sportskeeda for the transcription.