Jim Cornette Reacts To AEW Dynamite Segment – “This Is Horse S**t”

Jim Cornette microphone

Jim Cornette had some strong feelings on a recent AEW Dynamite episode while calling it a “horses**t” segment.

The segment Cornette was talking about took place on the AEW Dynamite episode called “Quake by the Lake” in Minneapolis on August 10th.

The former TNT Champion Miro was in some darkened room talking about wanting revenge against Malakai Black of the House of Black group. However, he was interrupted by Julia Hart, who recently joined House of Black.

While talking about the segment on a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary wrestling manager talked about how Julia Hart found where Miro was and somehow interrupted the promo.

“Miro, he’s doing a promo on Malikai black. He says ‘Hell is empty because all the devils are here.’ Now here he is. Brian, I know a lot of people out there may not have had occasion to be on the set of a television shoot before but Malakai Black in his dark light of the spooky lighting they do, where he’s in this undisclosed location in the dark, doing these interviews and Miro, same thing.”

“He’s in this undisclosed location kind of in the dark and it’s lit appropriately. They’re not just standing out in a parking lot, they’re not in a giant room. They’re in a small room that has to be lit by a professional. Right? Most people would know that if they sit and thought about it.”

“So how the f*ck would Miro be in this dark, professionally lit room for this spooky atmospheric shoot, does a slutted out Julia Hart just wander into the pre-tape and he didn’t know she was there. She had to come from 10 feet away from him.”

“I know it’s dark in the room, but you would have seen that. Miro is doing his thing about God, he’s still got issues with God, I don’t know. They’ve got a complicated relationship, him and God. ‘Hell is empty, all the devils are here.’”

Cornette wondered what AEW was thinking while producing the segment and felt the need to dub the segment as “horses**t.”

“Then Julia Hart, and she looks great, but she says ‘Embrace the gift, I did.’ Because she went to the dark side with Malakai and his friends. Miro blows her off because ‘Only one woman interests me…’ because he’s got to keep Lana happy at home.

“But he tells her some sh*t, and I thought God now they’re like the WWE, they’re hiring dramatic writers. Or did Miro and Julia and some of the crew take a dramatic writing course and now they’re auditioning sh*t, I don’t know. But this was horsesh*t.

“What in the world is good? Miro gets over when he comes out and smashes himself over and he looks good and blah, blah, blah, but you never see him, you hear all these promos.

“I’m waiting for the time when God shows up for the tag team match. But Julia Hart, who was just under the ring 45 minutes earlier and tripped poor Darby is now invading the pre-tapes of Miro in a dark cloud-enclosed room.”

h/t Inside The Ropes