Jake Atlas Arrested, Charged With Domestic Battery

Jake Atlas at Performance Center

AEW star Jake Atlas was arrested on May 23rd on a domestic violence charge against his long-time partner.

Jake Atlas, who signed with AEW earlier this year, was arrested on May 23rd in Orlando, Florida. PWInsider reported that Atlas – real name Kenny Sanchez Martinez – received a domestic assault charge – misdemeanour battery – against his partner (who will not be named due to their status as victim of a crime).

PWInsider gave details from the police report, which states that police were called to Atlas and his partner’s home at 00:57 that morning.

The report went on to detail the incident, stating that Atlas was out drinking at Big Daddy’s Roadhouse and called his partner for a ride home around 22:00. When his partner arrived at the restaurant, Atlas wanted them to stay and continue drinking with him. According to the victim, Atlas wanted them to go to another friend’s house to be intimate together but Atlas became upset that his partner was showing “half more attention to her,” which started a “verbal argument.”

Jake Atlas was then said to become “physically aggressive” and charged at his partner, at which point a witness had to intervene to prevent an attack. The witness invited the intoxicated Atlas to come home with him to “sleep it off,” and the victim left the apartment where they were. However, Atlas seemingly followed the victim and yelled at them before again trying to attack. While the witness tried to intervene, the attack left the victim with a forearm scratch and a torn tank top.

The witness was able to separate the two and get Atlas into a car, but Atlas then got out of the car and demanded that he be brought back to his apartment so that he could get his dog and leave. However, once he returned to the apartment that he shared with the victim, he refused to leave and police were called to the home.

The responding officer noted in the police report that Atlas only wanted to “speak badly” about the victim instead of taking the opportunity to tell his side of the story. Atlas was determined to be the aggressor in the situation and was arrested.

Jake Atlas was released from jail the same day he was arrested, and he also signed a no-contact order on that day that stated he would have no communication with his victim and must stay 500 feet away. He is scheduled to appear before the Orange County court on June 28th and will be officially arraigned on that day at 07:30. Neither Atlas nor his victim has commented publicly about the arrest, and AEW has yet to issue a statement.

Jake Atlas joined WWE in 2018 and signed a deal with the company a year later. He made appearances on both NXT and 205 live before being released on August 6th, 2021.

Atlas has been open about his mental health struggles following his departure from WWE, and praised the company for saving his life. The California native revealed that during his time with WWE, they had paid for him to attend therapy for six months.

After a tryout match on AEW Dark, Jake Atlas made his AEW Rampage debut on January 7th. However, during the taping of the show on January 5th, he suffered an ACL injury in his match against Adam Cole and had to undergo surgery in February.