Jake Atlas Explains How WWE Saved His Life

Jake Atlas was released by WWE recently, but the wrestler going by the name of Kenny Marquez had some kind words to say about his former employer. Atlas revealed in a tweet that WWE paid for six months of therapy for him.

While the wrestling world has been saddened by the tragic death of ‘The Scream Queen’ Daffney Unger yesterday at 46 years of age, many people in the wrestling business have spoken out about it. Mental health is something that all of us deal with and professional wrestlers are certainly no different. Since Daffney’s career in professional wrestling went back over 20 years, a lot of wrestlers past and present knew about her while those that didn’t certainly respect what she did in the business.

Atlas shared his story in a tweet posted on Thursday evening to let people know that WWE has been there for talent like him that needed help.

As for his future, Atlas/Marquez is booked for Effy’s Big Gay Brunch event in Chicago this Sunday.

It was reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider yesterday that WWE sent out a message to their entire talent roster that there are people on hand to give them the support that they need. The message from WWE to their talent roster looks like this:

“As a reminder to our Talent, if you are dealing with a difficult personal matter and would like to speak with someone to get the support you need, please don’t hesitate to contact [Counseling Company Name Withheld] at [NUMBER DELETED] or WWE Medical.”

If you or anyone you know is suffering from a mental health crisis, you can find help and support by contacting the organizations below.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, United States: 1-800-273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Helpline UK: 0800 689 5652

The Canada Suicide Prevention Service: 1.833.456.4566