Jade Cargill Makes Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Appearance

Jade Cargill

BKFC 30 got taken over by “That Bitch.”

Over the weekend, Lorenzo Hunt would come out of BKFC 30 with two championship titles, however, he also appeared with a third: Jade Cargill and her AEW TBS Championship.

Before winning the BKFC Cruiserweight Championship after getting a win over Quentin Henry, Hunt was accompanied to the ring by Jade Cargill. Currently the AEW TBS Champion with an undefeated record of 38-0, Cargill got an up-close look at Lorenzo’s victory, and the fight also featured some acting like her world of professional wrestling.

In the first round of the fight between Hunt and Henry, the latter appeared to be knocked out, however, he ended up faking it in an attempt for a disqualification against Lorenzo. Despite his efforts, the plan ended in failure with referee Dan Miragliotta continuing the match, then in the third round, Hunt picked up the KO victory.

Lorenzo Hunt is just the second fighter in BKFC history to hold two championships at the same time, holding belts in each the Light Heavyweight and Cruiserweight divisions.

Jade Cargill’s star power has been skyrocketing as of late, recently winning over legendary rapper Trina after beating Diamante on AEW Rampage, and now she’s hanging with double champion Lorenzo Hunt.

After the event, Cargill tweeted her interest in maybe one day trying out BKFC.

“BFKC is wild. Almost every match was a KO. Now I want to try”

Jade Cargill isn’t the only AEW wrestler associated with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Paige VanZant is also involved fighting for the brand. VanZant has only had one match with AEW to this point since being signed to the company. Recently scheduled for a BKFC fight, she would end up being pulled.