Update On How The Young Bucks Are Viewed Backstage

young bucks aew flex

Although they’ve got legions of diehard fans worldwide, The Young Bucks seemingly have a slightly different image within AEW itself.

The image of many talents involved in the All Out backstage scuffle was severely tarnished as a direct result of their actions. The Young Bucks, however, may have simply been acting as they always do backstage.

According to Wade Keller on a recent PWTorch audio show, Matt and Nick Jackson are viewed as being “passive-aggressive” backstage, though the majority of those with an opinion have since sided with The Young Bucks over CM Punk in this saga:

“The Bucks are not seen as abrasive personalities…Passive aggressive, yes there’s some aspects of that…They’re not seen as a**holes. People who don’t like Punk have more negative things to say than people who don’t like the Bucks have to say about them in terms of their characterization.”

Wade Keller continued, explaining how sometimes, The Young Bucks may rub people the wrong way:

“The Bucks might rub people the wrong way or not be their type of people or whatever but they’re not jerks and that’s kind of part of the dynamic here. I think some people looked at Punk here and said, ‘You might not like that they are not taking your advice’ [or] you might think, ‘Oh, that comment didn’t need to be made’…it’s hard for people to imagine Matt and Nick deserving that kind of call out publicly in a context that should have been about celebrating a World Title win and a really good pay-per-view.”

The Young Bucks were among those suspended indefinitely from AEW following the events after All Out. It’s unknown when, exactly, they’ll return to active competiton.

They last wrestled on the pay-per-view itself, teaming with Kenny Omega to become the inaugural AEW World Trios Champions. They’ve now been stripped of the titles, with Death Triangle picking them up on the post-All Out Dynamite.

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