WWE Hall Of Famer Believes WWE Took Vince McMahon’s Company Phone

WWE Hall of Fame logo over roster

It’s now been two months since Vince McMahon announced his retirement from his WWE executive duties, an announcement that seemingly led to the loss of his company phone.

When Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE on 22 July, the feeling of shock was insurmountable. Never before had such a feeling been felt but as it appears, his departure from the company led to at least one WWE Hall of Famer being unable to contact him.

Kurt Angle revealed during his interview with The Wrassingh Show’s AJ Singh that WWE has taken away Vince’s company phone. As a result, the Olympic gold medalist has been unable to speak to his former boss for weeks:

“I just talked to Stephanie [McMahon] a couple of weeks ago because I couldn’t get a hold of Vince anymore. I’d imagine that he had to turn in his company phone and that was the only way I could get a hold of him. I had his number and I would call him here and there. I’d talk to him and see how he was doing and I texted him a couple of times after he left and he never responded.

I found out that they did take the company phone from him, so I don’t have any way of getting a hold of him. But Stephanie told me she would talk to Vince and he would reach out to me. I’m still waiting though.”

Vince McMahon retired following several allegations arising against him that stated he provided “hush money” to former female employees who he’d allegedly been sexually involved with.

The former WWE Chairman made his final televised appearance on Monday Night Raw’s 27 June broadcast, introducing John Cena for his first appearance in almost a year.

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