“Never Say Never” – Gangrel Teases Reunion With Edge

Edge Gangrel Christian

Edge has perhaps never needed more backup than he does right now in his battle with The Judgment Day but he always has an old friend to turn to in Gangrel.

During the Attitude Era, the vampiric Gangrel first found an enemy in the enigmatic Edge, even recruiting Edge’s apparent brother Christian to join him in his war with the young, Canadian star. In the end, the three men put their differences aside and formed The Brood.

Their iconic entrance through flames in the floor and their infamous blood baths have stuck in long-time wrestling fan’s minds for so long that Edge recently recreated the entrance and even brought back the blood baths – albeit for the PG era as ‘Brood baths’ with a black liquid covering his opponents.

Now Edge is in a bind after losing his I Quit match to Finn Balor at Extreme Rules and seeing his wife Beth Phoenix take a one-woman con-chair-to at the demonic hands of Rhea Ripley. His ally Rey Mysterio has jumped ship to SmackDown as he refuses to fight back against his son Dominik who has only compounded Edge’s misery as of late.

Speaking on a live virtual signing for K & S WrestleFest, Gangrel suggested age might be a factor in a Brood reunion to help out Edge with his current predicament but he also adds to never says never:

“No, no, I never say never, but creeping up there in age, but I’m a vampire. So, keep fanging and banging.”

The third man in The Brood, Christian, is currently part of AEW. The former 2-time World Heavyweight Champion is out of action with an injury but has kept his feud with Jungle Boy bubbling over on-screen through his alliance with Luchasaurus.

h/t Wrestling Inc.