Tony Khan Auctioning Off AEW Neck Brace

Tony Khan AEW neck brace

Tony Khan’s suffering will do some good as the AEW owner has agreed to auction off a unique piece of wrestling memorabilia.

The 24th of April edition of AEW Dynamite proved to be a huge one in the history of the company as Tony Khan was laid out in a vicious attack.

Jack Perry made a shock return to AEW at Dynasty, helping The Young Bucks win the AEW World Tag Team Championship and looked to make peace on Dynamite after being suspended for his part in the altercation with CM Punk back at All In.

Tony Khan agreed to meet Perry in the ring and sealed his return to the roster with a hearty handshake. However, Perry stunned everyone when he nailed Khan in the gut with a microphone. That brought out The Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada who wondered what Perry was doing. However, The Elite’s plot soon became clear as The Bucks dropped Khan with a TK Driver at the behest of The Rainmaker.

Tony Khan Agrees To Auction Request

Tony Khan appeared throughout the NFL Draft in his role for the Jacksonville Jaguars wearing a neck brace to sell the attack and it did not go unnoticed. During an appearance on the NFL Network, Rich Eisen revealed Khan has agreed to auction off the neck brace for charity when he has fully healed:

Tony Khan has texted. He heard me [say] ‘Hey, when you’re done with the brace, would you like to sign it and donate the proceeds to St. Jude’s Research Hospital?’ He said ‘When I’ve recovered from that spike piledriver on AEW Dynamite’ is that a good read for you Tony? ‘I will absolutely sign this neck brace and sell it and donate it to St. Jude’s to support Run Rich Run.’

Tony Khan ran AEW Collision from a remote location as he continued to recuperate with AEW’s announcers wondering if Khan wasn’t there, then could The Elite take over running the company?