WWE Hall Of Famer Thinks Cody Rhodes Has Heel Vibes

Cody Rhodes WWE Microphone

Cody Rhodes may be a very popular Undisputed WWE Champion, but there is a Hall of Famer who thinks Cody could thrive as a heel.

For over two years since coming back to World Wrestling Entertainment, Cody Rhodes has been positioned as one of the most popular babyfaces in the company. From the moment his music hits, the fans get on their feet, sing along with his “Kingdom” theme song, and shout out “Whoa-oh” when it reaches that point in the song.

Whenever Cody is on television, he usually has a big grin on his face and he’s more than happy to slap hands with fans, he’s a willing hugger and always gives his leather belt to the the fans as well.

As the current Undisputed WWE Champion who ended Roman Reigns’ dominant 1,316-day championship reign, Cody Rhodes is as popular as ever as he heads towards Backlash in France.

Fans of WWE who watched Cody in his first run in the company that ended in 2016 will recall that he was mostly a heel whether he was in a tag team or on his own as a “Dashing” Intercontinental Champion.

While talking about Cody’s reign as WWE Champion, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker said on his Six Feet Under podcast that Cody could be a good heel champion.

“I don’t know that he would switch as a champion, but I don’t know what the approach would be there. I think he would be a good heel. He gives me heel vibes. I could see him very easily being smug and better than that. Don’t get carried away. That’s all a work, but I can see it. I feel it in his character.”

The Undertaker Thinks Cody Rhodes Will Work A Lot As WWE Champion

Elsewhere on the podcast, The Undertaker spoke about what kind of WWE Champion he thinks Cody will be.

“He immediately becomes the face of the company. He is now the one that’s doing the late night shows. He’s the one that is the spokesman. I mean, life changes considerably and he was already doing quite a bit of that kind of stuff as it was, but now his calendar definitely gets a lot fuller. I think knowing him and his connection with his audience, he’s going to work a lot because he wants to.”

Cody Rhodes will defend that WWE Championship this Saturday, May 4th at WWE Backlash France against AJ Styles, who is the man The Undertaker beat in his final match WrestleMania 36 four years ago.

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