Cody Rhodes Files Trademark For New WWE Era

cody rhodes wwe promo suit

Cody Rhodes has big plans.

With Vince McMahon out of the equation, WWE has well and truly stepped into a new era. The only problem is that no one in the company or among the fan base really knows what to call it.

The Attitude Era is the stuff of legend, and the Ruthless Aggression Era gave WWE some of its biggest-ever stars. But now more than ever, WWE is attempting to move away from its illustrious history and look to the future.

During a new interview with Fox News, Cody Rhodes threw his weight behind The Renaissance Era, while heaping praise on Nick Khan. Rhodes explained that WWE’s recent success means the company has finally been able to move out of the shadow of the Attitude Era.

“I’ve heard it coined as the Renaissance Era, and I really like that outlook on it. For me, as a wrestler, I’m most excited that we no longer have to stand in the shadow of the Attitude Era because of the last two years we’ve done better business than they ever did — and they did exceptional, unbelievable, amazing business.

I’m only making comparisons on a black and white level, dollars and cents, in terms of what WWE’s been able to do over the last two years.

I mentioned Renaissance because of all the things we’re trying, the changing of the programming and also the characters. They now appeal differently. Every year has its signature thing. There was Hulkamania — eat your vitamins and say your prayers. There was the Attitude Era — the (Jerry) Springer-type crash TV.

Now, we have a more, reach-across-the-aisle and connect-to-the-audience-type relatable superstars. We still have larger than life, no doubt, but that’s all going into this very, like I said, Renaissance Era.”

Cody Rhodes Files New Trademark

Cody Rhodes has now taken things one step further and filed a trademark for “The Renaissance Era.”

Mark For: THE RENAISSANCE ERA trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of hats; Pants; Shirts; Shorts; Socks; Sweatshirts; Bandanas; Shirts and short-sleeved shirts; Hooded sweatshirts

Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes has teased that he’ll bring back a piece of wrestling history if he beats Roman Reigns.