Former WWE Superstar Refused To Work With Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon WWE

An ex-WWE star has confirmed they left the company after refusing to work with Vince McMahon.

Eric Young first signed with WWE in 2016 before being released in 2020 due to cuts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the star returned to the company in November 2022 — crucially when Vince McMahon was ‘retired.’

Young didn’t feature on television while back with the company and asked to be released in April 2023. His request was granted and the star has since returned to IMPACT Wrestling.

At the time it was reported that Young left WWE after feeling uncomfortable with McMahon’s return to the company in January 2023.

Speaking in a new interview with Nick Hausman, Young confirmed he left after refusing to work with McMahon.

“The truth is, like you’re saying and like it was reported, I can’t confirm or deny that but I can say that it’s leading definitely towards the truth,” Young replied.

“It’s just professionally and personally, but more important for me is morally, I can’t work for a person like that and I refused. It’s not lost to me that I’m in a very advantageous position in my life where I get to choose, right? I think if you were to poll most of the people there, a lot of them said that out loud and then it happened and none of them did it and, well, I did it.”

Dana White: “Vince McMahon Is An Absolute Savage

Vince McMahon forced his way back onto WWE’s board of directors in January after an earlier return bid was blocked. Following his return, McMahon helped broker the deal that saw WWE merge with UFC under the Endeavor umbrella.

The merger led to the creation of the TKO Group, putting UFC boss Dana White and McMahon on the same page for the first time. During a new interview, White admitted he had a troubled past with McMahon, but things have changed dramatically since the merger.

“Vince McMahon, man, he’s an absolute savage,” said White. “Even with the stuff that went down with us in the past, I respect it. I love killers. He’s definitely a killer. He’s the Michael Jordan of the business world.”

Vince McMahon was recently removed from WWE creative, leaving Triple H in complete control.