Update On Ari Emanuel’s “Vision” For Vince McMahon

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Ari Emanuel hasn’t dispensed with Vince McMahon completely.

In recent weeks it’s been revealed that McMahon no longer has influence over WWE creative. The Executive Chairman has taken an interest in WWE programming since returning to the company, although the ins and outs of his exact role remained a mystery.

McMahon was known to make changes to shows and scripts remotely, still attempting to dictate who featured on television and who didn’t.

However, at the behest of Endeavor boss Emanuel, this has now changed, and Triple H is in full control.

Despite this apparent slight, McMahon hasn’t been pushed to the side completely. Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that he’d been informed by “someone close to the situation” that Emanuel still has a vision for how to capitalise on McMahon’s fame.

“One person close to the situation said that Emanuel has a vision for how he can use the worldwide notoriety of McMahon, and that vision doesn’t include him micro-managing the weekly television shows.”

WWE Talent Happy Vince McMahon Has Been Removed From Creative

In the same report, Meltzer adds that talent he’s spoken to were in favour of McMahon being removed and are loyal to Triple H.

“Much of the talent, certainly most of whom we’ve heard from, felt it was better when McMahon wasn’t involved and were loyal to Levesque.”

Since Triple H took complete control of creative fans have noted several changes with stars returning to action, improved utilisation of the women’s division, and a greater emphasis on the matches taking place.