Update On Vince McMahon’s Creative Influence As Triple H “Knighted” By Endeavor

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A new report details Endeavor’s praise for Triple H as well as how involved Vince McMahon is in WWE creative.

As of September 12th, WWE and UFC have officially merged into a new corporation called TKO Group Holdings under parent company Endeavor. Endeavor head Ari Emanuel serves as CEO of the new corporation, while Vince McMahon is Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque is not part of the new TKO Board of Directors.

Since McMahon’s return to WWE in January to help facilitate the company’s sale, questions have arisen about whether he once again had regained creative control or whether Levesque was still in control as Chief Content Officer.

Is Triple H Or Vince McMahon In Charge Of WWE Creative?

Triple H may no longer be on the Board of Directors following the Endeavor takeover, but according to a new report from Mike Johnson on PWInsider Elite, he still has plenty of power and influence in the company. Johnson notes that McMahon is not expected to be heavily involved in creative going forward, as the belief backstage is that Triple H has been “knighted” by Endeavor and expected to handle 99.9% of all creative operations.

This isn’t to say that McMahon won’t give his opinions or make suggestions, but according to the report, Levesque will be the one “in the weeds” on a day to day basis when it comes to creative.

In addition, Johnson reports that the mood backstage in WWE is one of peace and excitement, a much more hopeful atmosphere than there has been when it was assumed McMahon would be taking over control once again.