New WWE-UFC Merged TKO Group Announces Board Members, No Triple H

Triple H WWE

Triple H is no longer a member of the WWE Board of Directors.

The merger of World Wrestling Entertainment and the Endeavour Group is progressing day by day, with the latest update providing more information as to who will be in positions of power when TKO Holdings has been made official.

The latest filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has revealed that 11 board members will make up TKO Holdings, with 6 being from Endevaour and 5 from WWE. The news comes after the company broke another record with their stock reaching an all-time high.

The document confirms 10 of the members, with 4 out of 5 names confirmed from the Vince McMahon-owned company. As expected, McMahon and CEO Nick Khan are on the board, along with Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin and Eko Executive Chairwoman Nancy Tellem. The surprising omission from the list is Triple H, who is currently on the Board of Directors in Stamford, Connecticut.

The confirmed board members are as follows, with those from WWE appearing in bold:

  • Vincent K. McMahon
  • Ariel Emmanuel
  • Egon P. Durban
  • Nick Khan
  • Steven R. Koonin
  • Jonathan A. Kraft
  • Sonya E. Medina
  • Mark Shapiro
  • Nancy R. Tellem
  • Carrie Wheeler

The final board member is to be selected internally by the board at Titan Towers.

What Role Does Triple H Have in WWE?

The former World Champion serves as Chief Content Officer for World Wrestling Entertainment. The role involves The Game being at the head of the creative process and overseeing live events and talent development.

As the creation of TKO Holdings is imminent, the merger looks to be on target for the proposed completion date in September. Unfortunately, due to multiple departments set to merge as one, it is very likely that a lot of jobs will be at risk when the new company is formed.

The creation of the company that will own the sports entertainment and mixed martial arts promotions has been valued at over $21 billion.