WWE Stock Price Reaches All-Time Record High

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WWE is looking financially strong ahead of the upcoming merger.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company’s stock price reached its highest level in history, closing at $114 per share. This values the company at approximately $8.5 billion.

Following the completion of the merger and the formation of TKO Holdings, shareholders are poised to get an even bigger return on investment. Along with the profits from WWE and the upcoming media rights negotiations, investors would also receive profits from UFC-owned Endeavour, in theory making the stock even higher.

Following the completion of the merger, it is said that the parent company as a whole would be valued in excess of $21 billion. Theoretically, at this point, WWE would be valued at $10.3 billion, up $1 billion from when the news of the merger was first announced.

The record-high share price comes at the end of another fiscally successful week for the company, which announced that SummerSlam 2023 broke the record for the highest-ever gate at a non-WrestleMania event.

Who Has WWE Been Sold To?

A 51% stake in World Wrestling Entertainment was acquired by The Endeavour Group and announced the day after WrestleMania. Together, both companies will merge to create TKO Holdings, a multi-million dollar conglomerate in the sports and entertainment world.

The progression of the merger appears to be nearing its completion and is on target to be finished in September. The latest filing would see TKO Holdings announce their Board of Directors for the new group, which surprisingly saw Triple H’s name absent from the list.