Retired WWE Star Back Training In The Ring

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A long-retired WWE star has been seen training in the ring.

Corey Graves was forced to retire from wrestling almost a decade ago on medical grounds after suffering two concussions in 2014.

Since then, Graves has successfully transitioned to the announce table. Starting in NXT as a colour commentator, he moved up to the main roster in 2016 and has part of the announce booth for Raw, SmackDown, and Premium Live Events. In February 2024, Corey Graves became the lead announcer for SmackDown, replacing Kevin Patrick in the role.

Despite his success as an announcer, though, it looks like Graves hasn’t left his wrestling career completely behind him. The star’s real-life brother, independent wrestler Sam Adonis, has revealed that he and Graves had a “sparring session” a few months ago. adonis posted a video from the session on social media.

A full return to the ring isn’t outside the realm of possibility, as in 2022, Corey Graves revealed that doctors had cleared him to compete. At the time, Graves admitted he does get an “itch” to get back in the ring, but it wasn’t an immediate goal for him.

Corey Graves Finds Triple H’s Approach “Refreshing”

During a recent interview, Corey Graves compared working for Triple H to the Vince McMahon era. Graves says The Game’s approach is “refreshing” as he allows announcers space to their jobs. Rather than micromanaging what he should say and how he say it, Triple H only intervenes on the headset if Graves is doing something “terribly wrong,” which thankfully doesn’t happen often.