Politics At Play As Ex-WWE Star Loses Title

Alberto Del Rio Dolph Ziggler WWE

Following his exit from WWE, Nic Nemeth has been finding success in the wrestling world but that success might have come back to bite him in NJPW.

The man most people know as Dolph Ziggler from his time in WWE captured the the IWGP Global Heavyweight after pinning David Finlay at New Beginning in Sapporo. The match was Nic Nemeth’s first in NJPW after the star made his debut for the promotion at Wrestle Kingdom 18 where he brawled with Finlay.

However, Nemeth is not tied down to one promotion and he captured the AAA Mega Championship from Alberto El Patron at Triplemania on the 27th of April.

Following that win, a hastily made match between Nemeth and David Finlay took place on night two of Wrestling Dontaku and saw Finlay win back the title. And it seems that AAA win was in the minds of the NJPW matchmakers.

Nic Nemeth Finds Out Politics Is Not Just Confined To WWE

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that he thought as soon as the match between Nemeth and Finlay had been announced, a title change was on the way after the ex-WWE star captured gold for Mexican promotion AAA – a company NJPW does not have a good relationship with:

As soon as I saw the night before when they did the angle for this match and changed the card, I thought I think that Nic Nemeth is probably gonna lose because he won that AAA title and a New Japan champion holding a AAA championship, I don’t see that one happening in this political world. That’s exactly what happened. David Finlay regained the title clean with the Overkill.

NJPW has a working relationship with AAA’s rival Mexican promotion CMLL. CMLL talent has also been featured on AEW television in recent months.

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