Elias Questions Austin Theory Cashing In Money In The Bank On “A Random RAW”

austin theory money in the bank cash in

A chaotic scene ended WWE Monday Night Raw with Elias openly questioning why Austin Theory tried to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on that particular night.

The ending of WWE Raw on November 7th saw Seth “Freakin” Rollins defending the United States Title in an open challenge in the main event. An angry Bobby Lashley destroyed Mustafa Ali to prevent him from accepting the challenge, which led to Lashley beating Rollins all around the ring, including a spinebuster through the commentary table.

Lashley’s attack on Rollins opened the door for Austin Theory to arrive with the Money in the Bank brief, which has a contract that allowed Theory to “cash in” on any champion at any time as long as he told a referee and had a referee start the match.

Theory officially cashed in the Money in the Bank contract, which led to the referee starting the US Title match. Rollins was hurting after the Lashley attack, but he was able to kick out Theory’s pin attempts. When it looked like Theory might win, Lashley pulled him out of the ring and ran him into the ring post among other moves. The referee never saw it because he was down. When Theory got back into the ring, Rollins hit him with The Stomp to get the pinfall win.

On this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump, Elias was a guest that offered this interesting opinion about Theory’s failed Money in the Bank cash-in attempt.

“I’m gonna be honest here. I thought the whole thing was a little bit bizarre. First off, it’s an open challenge. So what are you doing in the first place? Secondly, then he wants to use it on a random Monday Night RAW. If I was Austin Theory and I had the Money in the Bank, I would have waited for a way bigger moment, and maybe somebody like Roman Reigns when they were vulnerable. So hey I get it. Seth, he’s resilient, he did it again, he came out on top. But as for Austin Theory, I think the whole thing’s bizarre all around.”

The failed cash-in by Theory was a history-making moment as well because he was the first wrestler to try to cash in on a championship that wasn’t a WWE World Title.

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