Austin Theory’s Failed MITB Cash-In Achieves First-Ever Record

austin theory wwe

Though Austin Theory’s Money in the Bank contract cash-in wasn’t successful, it made history all the same!

On the November 7th episode of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins declared that he would bring back the concept of open challenges for the United States Championship, a practice made popular by John Cena during his 2015 reign with the belt. Though Mustafa Ali first interrupted him on the tron, Ali was met with an angry Bobby Lashley backstage and suffered a brutal attack at the hands of the former champion.

An enraged Lashley explained to Rollins that he was still angry at having lost the United States Championship on October 10th when a returning Brock Lesnar attacked him and damaged his arm, rendering him unable to apply the Hurt Lock in his championship match against Rollins that same night.

Instead of challenging Rollins to a proper match, however, the incensed Bobby Lashley had destruction on his mind and attacked Rollins before a match could get started. While Rollins was laid out near the announce table, Austin Theory appeared on the ramp and motioned for a referee, indicating that he wanted to cash in for Rollins’ United States Championship.

This marks the first time ever that a Money in the Bank contract has been cashed in for something other than a brand’s world championship. Even Charlotte Flair’s cash-in on Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women’s Championship still marked her going after the top prize on one brand, and the briefcase has never before been used for the United States, Intercontinental, or Tag Team Championships.

Though it seemed Austin Theory had the advantage in his United States Championship match, while the referee was down, Bobby Lashley launched an attack on Austin Theory, allowing the injured Rollins to win the match.

Elsewhere on WWE Raw, Mia Yim made her return to the company and aligned herself with The OC in their fight against The Judgment Day and Rhea Ripley.