Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE On Raw, Leads To Huge Title Change

Brock Lesnar

First on WWE Raw, we had the returns of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, joining alongside AJ Styles to reform The O.C. faction. Then later on Monday night, we had an even bigger return to set shockwaves across the wrestling world: Brock Lesnar.

Walking to the ring with an enormous pop from the crowd and making his first appearance in WWE since his SummerSlam ring-lifting loss to Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, Lesnar confronted Bobby Lashley and his WWE United States Championship, interrupting a promo from “The All Mighty.”

When Lesnar got into the ring, it appeared as if Brock Lesnar was going to give a promo of his own against Lashley, however, Lesnar didn’t do much talking. Instead, he hit Lashley in the face with the microphone after just a few words, then proceeded to pick up the U.S. Champion and landed him with an F5. Afterwards, Brock Lesnar followed up with a suplex and another F5, and then put Lashley in the kimura lock. Finally, Lesnar showed mercy and left the ring.

With Bobby Lashley completely battered and WWE staff assisting him, Seth Rollins then comes out and enters the ring, looking to take advantage of a wounded Lashley. At first, Lashley was walking away from the Rollins challenge – a bout that was originally scheduled between the two for the U.S. Championship before the Brock Lesnar attack – but, being advised to do so by staff, Lashley was ignoring Rollins and walking backstage, seemingly deciding not to fight.

However, Rollins took a microphone and started calling out Lashley, saying that he was weak and he’s not a soldier like he thinks he is. When Rollins said that, that’s what caught the attention of Lashley, forcing himself to get into the ring with the “Visionary” to go ahead with the WWE United States Championship match.

Though Rollins was injured himself from his Fight Pit match against Matt Riddle from this past weekend’s Extreme Rules, he was clearly in better shape than a newly-bashed Lashley, and he took complete advantage of the moment.

Rollins smelled blood from the get-go, bruising Lashley up further. Lashley would put up a fight, even landing a spear on Rollins, but he was no match for a fresh “Visionary.” After a curb stomp, Seth Rollins would get the pin count, becoming the new WWE United States Champion.