“I Don’t Care” – Logan Paul On Losing To Roman Reigns At Crown Jewel

wwe crown jewel roman reigns logan paul

Wins and losses clearly don’t matter to Logan Paul.

Paul faced Roman Reigns in the main event of Crown Jewel and lasted for just under 25 minutes. Despite the massive gulf in experience between them, Paul impressed many fans and wrestling industry insiders with his skill, timing, dedication, and willingness to do take risks to win.

But most importantly, Logan Paul was more interested in having his own ‘moment’ than winning the match and the title.

Speaking on his ImPAULsive podcast, Paul explained that he had this one big idea in mind and the fact that he made it work was worth more than winning a wrestling match:

“So, check it out, we just came back from Saudi Arabia, WWE Crown Jewel. I faced Roman Reigns, the face of WWE for the title, the Undisputed Universal Championship and it was a hell of a match. It was a hell of a match. The guy’s tough.

They [Paul’s podcast co-hosts] got dragged over the barrier. It’s because they handed me the phone that I filmed myself frog splashing Roman through the table and honestly bro, I’ll take that L on the chin because I don’t care. I don’t care because that video was f*****g awesome.”

There hasn’t been any further update regarding either Logan Paul’s status with WWE or Roman Reigns’ next challenger since Crown Jewel ended.

Regarding Logan Paul, he was seen smiling despite having his leg taped up due to a potential injury, but nothing concrete has been confirmed on that matter.

h/t POST Wrestling for the transcription