DDP, John Morrison To Make Appearance On New YouTube Fitness Series


Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) and John Morrison can add a new project to their accolades: A fitness series.

Tony Horton, a legend in the fitness world, announced that he was coming out with a new YouTube series titled “Power Up with Tony Horton,” and he released a trailer to go along with it. “Power Up with Tony Horton” is meant to further spotlight Horton’s passion for health and fitness.

Throughout the series, Horton and special guest celebrities will be partaking in activities, including a round of gold, the ninja course and Diamond Dallas Page‘s DDPYoga. Then, Horton will sit down with the celebrities to have a conversation about their career and new projects on the horizon.

Tony Horton had this to say:

“I’ve been training and motivating people for over 30 years. This series is an opportunity to show my fans a different side of me while getting to meet some truly inspiring people. One thing I love about fitness is innovation, and having the chance to work out with people doing revolutionary things like Diamond Dallas Page with his DDPYoga has been mindblowing.

It’s also been a privilege getting to see how Zach King makes one of his famous illusions and revisiting my stand-up comedy roots while meeting the hilarious Anjelah Johnson-Reyes. I’m having a blast working out and exercising with my guests and I can’t wait to share the incredible journeys that these new friends have been on.”

H/T PWInsider