Daffney Unger Has Passed Away At Age 46

Daffney Unger was known as a wrestler/manager in WCW and TNA Wrestling. Her real name was Shannon Spruill. Sadly, it has been reported by her family and friends that she has passed away at aged 46. Daffney was very well-liked by her peers in the pro wrestling business. She will be missed by her family, friends and fans of the pro wrestling business.

Friends, family and fans were concerned for the star after Daffney posted some disturbing footage on Instagram Live late yesterday (September 1st). It was police were were on the way to her address although it was not known if they would reach her in time before something tragic happened.

Earlier today on September 2nd, SHIMMER Wrestling confirmed the news of Daffney’s passing at the request of her family.

There was also more information about Daffney’s death that was posted by TMZ.

Daffney first came to national attention in 1999 when she started with WCW at 24 years old. During her WCW run, she appeared with David Flair and Crowbar with the trio becoming known for being on the crazy side. They were unique characters. During WCW’s last full year 2000, Daffney became only the second woman to hold the Cruiserweight Championship (Madusa was the first).

Daffney was released by WCW in February 2001, just about a month before WWE bought WCW. She spent many of the following years in the 2000s working for various independent wrestling promotions. She briefly retired from wrestling but would come back to the business that she loved.

Daffney debuted in TNA Wrestling in 2008. She played the character of then Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, before going on to challenge for the Knockouts Championship. She also had alliances with the likes of Dr. Stevie (Richards), Raven and others. Daffney’s three-year run with TNA ended in March 2011. She filed a worker’s compensation claim against TNA for injuries suffered while wrestling for the promotion. The lawsuit was settled out of court two years later in March 2013.

Following her second in-ring retirement, Daffney continued to appear in the independent wrestling scene and also spent time working for Shine Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

Everyone at TJRWrestling would like to send our condolences to Shannon Spruill’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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