Claudio Castagnoli “Kid In A Candy Store” In AEW

Claudio Castagnoli

Newest AEW star Claudio Castagnoli has explained how excited he is to have joined the company at Forbidden Door, and says he’s like “a kid in a candy store.”

Bryan Danielson missed Forbidden Door due to injury having originally been challenged by New Japan Pro Wrestling star Zack Sabre Jr. However Danielson had a plan and announced that he had hand-picked his replacement in both that match and at Blood & Guts and the world would be astounded by them.

True to his word, the world was astounded when Claudio Castagnoli – former WWE Superstar Cesaro – made his AEW debut in the United Center and took on Zack Sabre Jr. In a hard-hitting match peppered with technical expertise, Castagnoli picked up the victory making him 1-0 in AEW.

Following the event, Claudio Castagnoli spoke at the media scrum and says the stars aligned for a perfect AEW debut:

“Sometimes the stars align for a perfect moment. It’s what happened tonight. I hope [Bryan Danielson’s] alright, I know Bryan will be back. It’s just a perfect fit, I just talked to [Jon Moxley] and we’ve been going back 10-12 years, a long time. We used to ride together, work out together and we still do and we talk. It just fits y’know and at the end of the day, I’m always looking for new challenges, and here in AEW, it’s like I’m a kid in a candy store.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.