Chad Gable Didn’t Know Family Would Be Ringside For Raw IC Title Match

Chad Gable ankle locks GUNTHER WWE Raw

Chad Gable has revealed that he had no idea his family would be ringside for his recent Intercontinental Title match on WWE Raw.

The September 4th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw featured one of the best television matches of this year. The dominant Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER put his title on the line in a match where if he won, he would set the record for the longest Intercontinental Title reign in WWE history.

Going into the match, most fans likely assumed GUNTHER would win, but there were several times where the challenger Chad Gable nearly pulled off the upset win.

After Gable nearly won with an Ankle Lock and the Chaos Theory leading to a German Suplex, Gunther managed to come back. Gunther hit his own overhead release German Suplex with Gable landing on his head/neck. Gunther decked Gable with a stiff lariat followed by a Powerbomb for the pinfall win.

Chad Gable’s family watched the match from the front row

What made the match even more special is that Chad Gable brought his wife and three kids (two daughters and one son) to the show. At the conclusion of the match, as Chad mentioned on the September 11th episode of Raw, Chad’s oldest daughter Briella was in tears watching Gable lose the match.

In an interview on WWE’s After The Bell podcast, Chad Gable said that while he brought his family to the show since it was something fun to do, he didn’t expect them to be at ringside for the match. That was a WWE creative idea that ended up adding to the story of the match.

“It just happened that my family was there. It wasn’t like I said, ‘let’s get you guys front row and make this a big deal.’ It was the last week before school, so I said, ‘let’s give them one last fun thing before the summer.’ I don’t request front row tickets, I just get comps. They happened to sit there and get placed there. [WWE] didn’t even know they were coming, they had no idea.”

“When they found out about it, they said, ‘let’s take advantage of it’ and film me during the day, but none of it was privy to them earlier in the week. I wasn’t aware of where they were sitting until minutes before, my wife sent me a picture. I’ll post of my little dude up front because he’s wearing the singlet, and now he makes me get him a singlet every time I get one made. You can’t really, even if you wanted to, force some kind of emotion out of a kid. That stuff is real.”

As he continued, Gable told a story about how his oldest daughter was really emotional while his second daughter didn’t seem to care at all.

“My oldest daughter is by far the most emotional. They all have different personalities, but she’s the one the world saw crying that night. She knows the deal. I’ve spoken to her about what daddy does and how it works. She knows, but even that doesn’t matter. When you get there, and your kid is sitting in front of you, watching her dad get beat up, it’s going to draw it out of them when she’s emotional like that.”

“My middle daughter, she couldn’t care less. She was looking down to see how many nachos she had left. The emotion from my oldest daughter, we don’t get often anymore. When it happens, naturally and organically, it means so much more. None of it was meant to be part of anything, that’s what made it organic.”

On this week’s Raw, Gable picked up a tag team win with Otis and Tommaso Ciampa over GUNTHER’s Imperium trio, so he’s back to his winning ways and looking forward to one more opportunity to take the Intercontinental Title from GUNTHER in the future.

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