Bret Hart Reportedly Signs “Lucrative” Deal With WWE

Bret Hart poses with Canadian flag

Recent reports have claimed that Bret Hart has signed a “lucrative” WWE contract which AEW figures believe prevents him from appearing on their shows.

Bret Hart has been a hot topic in AEW circles recently as ‘The Hitman’ has been mentioned several times by Dax Harwood and praised by AEW stars such as CM Punk.

It was also recently announced that Bret Hart will be managing FTR, however, it will be a one-off appearance for Big Time Wrestling rather than on AEW TV as many expected.

Dave Meltzer has reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that it is happening at an indie event rather than on AEW programming as figures in the company believe that Bret Hart has quietly signed a “lucrative” deal with WWE.

“The reason this is on an indie show and not AEW is that those in AEW are of the belief that Hart quietly signed a lucrative WWE deal that would ban him from appearing on AEW shows. But he is allowed to do indie shows, so that loophole allowed this to happen.”

Meltzer provided more details of Hart’s WWE contract during the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. He explained that it contains both a legends deal and a merchandise deal. However, he doesn’t know what is restricted with regard to AEW appearances.

“So I don’t know the whole deal. I was told that AEW believes that Bret can not work for them because of a WWE deal. Bret has a legends contract with WWE, I don’t know what it restricts. So I’m not positive…he definitely has a legends deal and a merchandise deal with WWE. He is under contract there but I don’t know what the stip is as far as it relates to AEW. AEW believes that they can’t use him, but I’ll know if that’s the case or not by the end of the weekend.”

Meltzer also discussed a recent conversation he had with Bret Hart during which he asked if the WWE Hall of Famer would appear at the Owen Hart Tournament Finals at Double Or Nothing in Las Vegas. Hart responded to say that AEW hasn’t reached out to him.

“I know that Bret and Martha [Hart] have had their issues. I actually asked Bret that when I contacted him a couple of days ago. I was just like ‘can you do it?’ because it would be so cool for him to be in Vegas for the finals of the Owen Hart Tournament. I think it would just be a nice symbolic thing, and he was just like ‘they haven’t asked me,’ that’s what he said. I think that would be something cool. The key is Martha and everything.”

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