Booker T On Axiom: “Next Great Masked Superstar”


Booker T is seeing stars in WWE’s developmental NXT brand.

This past Tuesday on NXT, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T took to the booth to call the night’s action alongside play-by-play commentator Vic Joseph, and while doing so, Booker pointed out how there is multiple wrestlers in the brand that he feels has the possibility to achieve superstardom.

One wrestler that was featured on his list was Axiom, who took on Nathan Frazier in a one-on-one match. When Axiom stepped in the ring, Booker T said that it reminded him of energy as a young wrestling fan.

“Mil Mascaras, when I was a kid, the way he made me feel when he came out when he went out and performed. He was different more than anybody. Then Rey Mysterio came along. You got the Rey Fenix’s of the world. These guys are an extraordinary talent and they put that country on the map.”

Booker was making a reference to Mexico before going into his excitement over Axiom.

“This kid, he’s next level,” Booker said. “He really is. To see him display his talent, and perhaps could be the next great masked superstar and I’m getting a chance to see him first. That’s awesome, man…”

H/T Wrestling Inc.