Arya Daivari Recalls Being Told In WWE – “We Don’t Do That Indie Bulls**t Here”

Former WWE cruiserweight star Ariya Daivari has recalled a run-in with a coach in WWE where he was left with no doubt that he couldn’t do one of his signature spots in the company.

Daivari joined WWE in 2016 and was mainly part of the 205 Live brand showcasing the cruiserweights of the company during his time there. Following in his brother Shawn’s footsteps, Daivari’s character was based for some time around his Middle Eastern heritage.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Ariya Daivari discussed his time in WWE and recalled a story of a run-in with a coach during his tryout match that could have put paid to any future with the company, saying the problem began when he performed one of his signature moves – Tha Magic Carpet Ride:

“My brother did it once as a goof to pop the crowd, and they really liked it. So when he went to WWE I said do you mind if I start using it, he said yeah cool. It always got a great reaction from the crowd. Funny enough I did it in my try-out match for NXT. I did it when I did try-out stuff on the road and it popped all the boys, so I’m like sh*t I’m gonna keep doing it.”

“I did it in my tryout match and Bill DeMott was the coach. As soon as I did The Magic Carpet Ride, which is a top rope splash while holding a carpet, I hear the bell ring. I was like oh sh*t what happened? On the microphone in front of everybody, he [Bill] goes ‘We don’t do that indie bullsh*t here! Next!’ I did it on the indies but when I got to WWE, that image is so burned in my head I never bothered asking if I could do it. He just made me feel like it might be too silly for WWE. But months later Jack Gallagher is jumping on me with an umbrella.”

Ariya Daivari was released from WWE in June 2021 along with a host of his fellow cruiserweight competitors. He also recently spoke to former WWE star Matt Rewholdt [Aiden English] where he discussed going to the very top of the company to ask for a special Money In The Bank entrance that got him and the Cruiserweight Title on the main show.

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