AEW President Tony Khan Comments On Potential WWE Sale

Tony Khan

Tony Khan is keeping a close eye on what’s going on with his biggest competition.

For the past week, the entire wrestling world has been watching WWE carefully. With Vince McMahon returning, Stephanie McMahon resigning, and all sorts of concerns over the company’s future being discussed and rumored, no one can predict for sure what will happen next.

And as the owner of the second-biggest wrestling promotion in the United States, Tony Khan knows that whatever happens to WWE could affect AEW as well.

Recently, Tony Khan did an interview with Brian Kravitz of In The Zone and took the opportunity to discuss several things about AEW. According to Tony Khan, there is enough room in today’s modern wrestling/sports entertainment landscape for two companies instead of one monopoly.

Well I think it’s clear that there’s room, because AEW every week, we have one of the top shows on cable. I mean, really, for months now, every Wednesday, you see the top shows, it’s basically AEW on TBS is competing with ESPN for the top spot, and those are the top things every week, and AEW’s had a lot of number one finishes in 2022.

When the conversation turned towards WWE and the rumors about a potential sale, Tony Khan didn’t say very much, only that he’s aware of the situation.

“Yeah, absolutely. I’m following it very closely.”

h/t Inside The Ropes for the transcription