AEW Star Confirms Location of AEW UK Show?

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As AEW moves closer to venturing outside of North America, a current AEW coach may have officially revealed the planned location for the company’s inaugural UK event!

Prior to the global pandemic scrapping plans, it seemed likely that All Elite Wrestling was on its way to debut within the United Kingdom. In fact, July 2020’s Fyter Fest card was planned for Wembley Arena in London; instead, it took place from a vastly empty Daily’s Place in Jacksonville.

Vickie Guerrero has now confirmed that London was indeed the location in mind – an idea that may be back in the running! Appearing on Captain’s Corner, the former Miss WrestleMania hinted that Tony Khan may look to work on some international shows with the world opening back up:

“There is talk of us going to London. We’re going to be in Canada pretty soon, so we’ll be in Toronto. So, I think with the world opening up and Tony Khan working on some overseas dates, can’t wait to get back to London.”

The Canadian dates alluded to by Vickie Guerrero will see AEW head to Toronto for the 11 and 13 October Dynamite and Rampage, respectively. Aside from those dates and matches taped aboard the Jericho Cruise, AEW has been an exclusively North American promotion thus far.

Heading to the United Kingdom would be a welcomed move for AEW’s British fanbase. Already on its roster are a handful of outstanding UK performers, including Jamie Hayter, Anthony Ogogo, and the current All Atlantic Champion, PAC.

H/T to Wrestling Inc.