AEW Investigation Still Ongoing According To Tony Khan

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The investigation into the fallout from All Out is still ongoing according to a new interview with AEW President, Tony Khan.

News of a backstage brawl involving CM Punk and The Elite stemmed following the All Out media scrum. Most notably, it was stated that CM Punk started swinging for the Bucks before either Matt Jackson could say a word. That’s when Nick came to his brother’s aid, only to have a steel chair thrown at his head by Ace Steel. Kenny Omega, meanwhile, attempted to get Steel off of Nick, which is where he was bitten and had his hair pulled by the AEW producer.

This all occurred following a clearly aggrieved CM Punk’s outburst at the post-All Out media scrum where he lambasted The Young Bucks, MJF, Adam Page, as well as taking several shots at his former friend Colt Cabana.

The investigation into the fight saw several people suspended by the company including Punk, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega. Several others who were said to be peacemakers in the incident including Christopher Daniels and Brandon Cutler have since had their suspensions lifted. But the immediate future of The Elite CM Punk, and Ace Steel remains less clear.

In an interview with Variety, Tony Khan delves into several topics related to AEW but one thing he still can’t discuss is the investigation following the chaos at All Out. The article notes that “Khan says he is unable to comment as the investigation into the incident is ongoing.”