WWE Raw Star Says “I’m Done”

WWE Raw Stage

One star of the Raw brand has stated simply “I’m done” as they release a video where they air their frustrations and vow that they won’t be kept down.

Mustafa Ali has had something of a stop-start career in WWE to date. A standout of the company’s cruiserweight division at the time, Ali was moved to SmackDown in 2018 where he instantly made a splash sharing the ring with some of the brand’s biggest names such as AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan.

Ali was pulled from the Elimination Chamber match in early 2019 due to injury. That provided a serendipitous opportunity for Ali’s replacement Kofi Kingston with ‘KofiMania’ running wild that night leading to Kingston winning the WWE Title at WrestleMania 35.

Further heartbreak was to come when Mustafa Ali came a fingertip away from winning the men’s 2019 Money In The Bank match, only for him to be usurped by a returning Brock Lesnar.

Later in 2019 Ali had a seven-month hiatus from WWE television, returning in the summer of 2020 on Raw. Later that year he was revealed as the leader of the very short-lived RETRIBUTION stable. More recently Mustafa Ali’s appearances on Raw have been few and far between but it now looks like he is looking to reinvent himself once again.

Taking to social media, Mustafa Ali released a video where he airs his frustrations and promises no matter how many times he gets knocked down, he won’t be kept down.