Former WWE Superstar Comments On Allegations Randy Orton Forced Diva To Quit

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Randy Orton has had an incredible WWE career, but he also had some bad moments in his career including when he caused a woman to quit.

In the mid-2000s, WWE was eager to hire women (labeled as “divas” in that era) that didn’t have experience in wrestling with competitions like the Diva Search, which started in 2004 and just hiring women that they found that were models. WWE felt like they could teach them. Some women hired that way had long careers, but others were only there briefly.

Randy Orton was a rising star during that era with his first World Title win coming at SummerSlam 2004, which led to a nearly two-decade run as a main event talent. Orton is still the youngest man to win a World Championship in WWE since he was just 24 years old at the time.

Val Venis was a veteran wrestler on the roster during the “divas era” of WWE. During a recent interview, Venis denied the accusation that Orton defecated in a woman’s bag. That’s a common story told about Orton, but it doesn’t mean it was true. Venis did mention that he remembered the time when X-Pac “s**t” in Sable’s bag.

As for Orton’s issue, the woman in question was a model named Rochelle Loewen, who had a short run in WWE that ended in early 2005 after being part of the roster for about one year. The popular rumor is that Orton once poured self-tanning lotion and baby oil on Loewen’s bag, which is what led to her leaving WWE.

During an interview with WSI – Wrestling Shoot Interview, Venis talked about Orton’s issues with a woman after the interview mentioned Rochelle’s name.

“I know Randy had some issue with one of the girls from the Diva Search that when we went to Hawaii, Japan – Japan, Alaska, then Alaska back to L.A.and in Alaska that girl quit because of Randy.”

Venis also shared a story of Orton being rude to a woman at a restaurant when he didn’t like the steak that they made for him.

“We were all sitting around a steak and they brought our steak, and to make it looked like the plate that they put in front of him was exactly what he ordered, but he picks up the steak with his two fingers and he goes ‘what the hell is this’ to the waitress and tosses the piece of steak at her.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, Venis talked about how Orton is an honorable man now that has matured a lot.

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