Wrestling Veteran Thinks Vince McMahon Was “Burnt Out” In WWE

Vince McMahon

A former WWE star has suggested that Vince McMahon was burnt out by the end of his run in WWE and no longer “gave a crap” about the direction of the company.

Vince McMahon stepped down as WWE Chairman in July 2022 after forty years of the company that he took over from his father. The retirement came amid an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money payments made to former company employees.

Speaking on Smack Talk, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell says he thinks by the end of his time in charge of the company, Vince McMahon no longer cared in the same way about the creative direction of the company:

“[Triple H] took his time and turned it around. Now it has so much positivity to it. And it took just a guy who understood the wrestling business and storytelling because I don’t think Vince gave a crap. He said ‘I’m making money, hell, I’m on rest; you guys figure it out.'”

“I think he put the personal feeling to it that he might just not like this guy because of a personal reason; I’m not saying that’s what happened. He didnt’t want to be sat down and told this long storyline. Guys he’s burnt, he’s burnt out. You do this for 50 years, and you get burned out.”

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