Update: New WWE Championship Belt Designs


Last month, we started hearing rumors about Triple H wanting to change the designs of WWE championship belts. It appears that the process is now officially well underway.

Earlier in September, Dan Beltzer – a custom championship belt maker – reported that the Tag Team Championships for both the Men’s and Women’s Division were in the shop and being redesigned.

“New WWE Tag belts are described to me as being the existing design, dual plated, black strap and having a stacked, large WWE logo in the center. They also have the OLD never used tags which are the women’s tag style on colored straps. Women’s belts getting colored backing soon.”

A possible photo of the men’s belts were also leaked online, but nothing has been confirmed.

We now have a new report suggesting that more championships have been re-done. According to Fightful Select, WWE has gotten three total sets of belts redesigned and they’re already back with the company. Fightful, citing their WWE sources, said that other redesign talks are currently on for other belts, however, information is very limited at this time.

Also according to Fightful, several talents in the WWE are in favor of the company switching up the designs of the straps. Acts were also asked about what they preferred between snap closure and velcro on belts, with the majority saying that velcro makes it easier to put them on and take them off, but the snap closure feels more official and has the better look.

The Fightful report also states that before Vince McMahon retired, there were already redesign plans in place, however, Triple H sped up the agenda when he took over company creative.

With the multiple belt redesigns that have already been done with the main rosters of Raw and SmackDown, NXT launching a new logo with gold and white colors with the paint scheme still attached to it, and the load of returns in talent that we’ve had as well, even more changes are likely on the way from WWE with an aggressive Triple H regime at the helm.