The Bloodline Could Be Set For New Member

The Bloodline WWE

Roman Reigns and The Usos could be set to welcome a new member into The Bloodline with a new report saying one WWE star is set for a change of brands.

The Bloodline formed on-screen as a unit in the summer of 2021 when Roman Reigns and The Usos got on the same page, but that wasn’t without its struggles. In late 2020 Reigns and Jey Uso had engaged in a brutal feud for the Universal Championship with Reigns unimpressed that his cousin wouldn’t acknowledge him as The Head Of The Table.

Eventually, Jey Uso was convinced and joined Reigns’ side as his right-hand man while Jimmy Uso was still out of action with an injury. When Jimmy Uso did return he was at first unimpressed with the new arrangement but eventually saw the light bringing peace and success to the Anoa’i family.

Now The Bloodline presented on-screen could be set for some new blood with Fightful Select reporting that NXT’s Sola Sikoa is set for a call-up to the WWE main roster. Sikoa is the cousin of Roman Reigns and the younger brother of The Usos.

There is no confirmation in the report as to what the plans for Sola Sikoa are on the main roster, indeed, there is also uncertainty over whether the young star would end up on Raw or SmackDown.