Steve Austin Recalls Losing Out On Shoe Deal Due To His Agent

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Stone Cold Steve Austin was well known for his leather vest, his beer drinking and stomping opponents with his black boots at the height of his career in the 90’s.

In fact, former WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin was so popular with fans he nearly got a shoe deal, but his agent blew it.

During an appearance on Sneaker Shopping on Complex, Stone Cold Steve Austin said:

“There was one company, Hi-Tecs, the magnums that I was wearing, I was stomping mudholes in people and walking them dry. I can’t remember how I started wearing them, whether I bought them on my own or they sent them to the office. I tried them on and I was in love. I love the way the boots feel and I still wear them today, when I’m out riding or going hunting, that’s what I wear.

Back in the day, they approached my agent and me and said, ‘We’d like to have Steve as a brand ambassador and do a sponsorship.’ They had an amount of money and my agent at the time, you always think of your agent as smarter than you. They said, ‘Steve, I think this is a good deal, but we oughta hold out and see if Nike comes at you instead.’ I was like, ‘this is the agent, he’s supposed to be smarter than me,’ so we didn’t do the deal with Hi-Tec, and nothing happened with Nike.

I went back and was like, when was Nike ever gonna make a badass boot made for a badass wrestler who was kicking the hell out of everyone on TV? They don’t and they didn’t. My agent blew the deal and I’ll never forget that.”

H/T Fightful