Sheamus Wants “Written In My Face” Theme Song To Return

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If it was up to Sheamus, his old theme song would be back by now, but he has let WWE fans know that he definitely wants to use it again.

The theme song “Written In My Face” is what Sheamus used earlier in his WWE career following his 2009 main roster debut. While Sheamus was winning the WWE Title, US Title and many other accomplishments, that song accompanied him. It changed a few years ago, but the Celtic Warrior has expressed his desire to bring it back.

One of Sheamus’ best friends (and on-screen rivals) is Drew McIntyre, who recently headlined Clash at the Castle against Roman Reigns. McIntyre was able to bring back his “Broken Dreams” song prior to making his entrance for the main event of that show, which the fans loved because it’s such a terrific entrance song.

The “Written In My Face” song is beloved by fans because it fit the character perfectly and because of the jokes that fans can make about it. When the singer says “too many lies” it sounds a bit like “too many limes” so there have been fans that brought signs with limes on them. When the singer says “they lost their head” it sounds like he is saying “lobster head” so that’s another ridiculous phrase that fans think of when they hear the song.

During an interview with Kenny McIntosh and Alex McCarthy of Inside The Ropes, Sheamus spoke about how he wanted to bring “Written In My Face” back.

“I definitely would love to bring that song back. Before, I know, it was stopped, they weren’t gonna let me have it. It’s amazing what a song can do or an entrance music can do to bring people back in with that nostalgia.”

“I definitely will keep pushing to have that song back, and it’s something that I haven’t given up on. But I think there’ll be a time and place for that to come back.”

“I think that it will be massive and I’ll be able buzzing off it too because like that just brings back so many memories of the beginning of my career and for fans too as well. So yeah, it’s cool. I don’t know.”

Sheamus explained that when he stopped doing the mohawk look, he wanted to bring the song back, but it just didn’t work out.

“It’s a song that I like man, it’s just you know it’s part of my entrance. I wanted to bring it back when I came back and when I brought the old look back.”

“So the reason I wanted to change the music when I had the Mohawk is just a completely different look, kind of different character and then when I came back the idea was to bring back the old music back, but some things you can get by, you know, some things get knocked back.”

“But I haven’t given up hope. I think when that happens, it will happen, I think it will be awesome.”

Since WWE’s former Chairman Vince McMahon retired in July, perhaps the song could return with Triple H calling the shots on the creative side as the Chief Content Officer in WWE.

At Clash at the Castle earlier this month, Sheamus had what many consider to be the best match of his WWE career in a losing effort to Intercontinental Champion Gunther. Sheamus was given a standing ovation by the Cardiff crowd after the match as well.

Sheamus and his Brawling Brutes group with Butch & Ridge Holland have been cheered by the fans on Smackdown over the last few weeks. Butch & Holland will challenge The Usos for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles this Friday on Smackdown with Sheamus by their side as usual.

H/T Inside The Ropes