Scarlett Reacts To Fan Ejected From WWE Live Event After Throwing Drink

scarlett wwe karrion kross

Scarlett has given a funny reaction to a fan that was removed from a WWE live event after throwing a drink on Scarlett during a Karrion Kross match!

The duo of Karrion Kross and his wife Scarlett returned to WWE on the August 5th edition of Smackdown. The pair was fired by WWE in November 2021 after Kross had a solo run on the main roster that didn’t go very well. During that solo run by Kross on Raw, Scarlett was not put on television with him the way she was in NXT.

Things have changed for Kross and Scarlett now that Triple H is running the WWE Creative team instead of Vince McMahon, who retired this past July. After coming back to WWE, Scarlett said in August that it was an easy decision to return to WWE because they trust Triple H running the show.

“It was the easiest decision. We had talked about, ‘What if we get this opportunity? Where can we do this? This is how we’re going to do [this] thing, we’re going to stick to it. We have to do things on our terms.’ It’s funny when Hunter called us, he was the best boss we ever had. It was a complete no-brainer. No other company has ever compared to it. We trust him, we definitely trust him with our characters and storylines. It’s perfect.”

Since coming back to WWE, Kross targeted one of the most popular wrestlers on Smackdown, Drew McIntyre. That led to two major matches with Scarlett helping Kross beat McIntyre in a Strap Match at Extreme Rules. When they did the rematch at Crown Jewel in a Steel Cage Match, McIntyre found a way to win by climbing out of the cage and landing on the floor before Kross could go out the door.

At a WWE live event in Peoria, Illinois, Kross faced McIntyre again with Scarlett at ringside. According to PWInsider, Scarlett was ejected from ringside after slapping McIntyre. However, what happened after that was worse because a fan who threw a drink at ringside was ejected from the event as well.

In an update, PWInsider reported that a woman tossed an alcoholic drink at Scarlett from the third row. A fan sitting nearby told PWInsider: “WWE Security ran to Scarlett right away and I could hear her saying she was OK and then she went right back into her work.” Security ejected the female fan involved and removed her as well as her family. There was no physicality between Scarlett and the woman that threw the drink.

On Twitter, Scarlett reacted to the fan’s drink toss in a funny way.

“As a classy woman from Chicago, I’m not surprised that something like this would happen in Peoria.”

“PS. To the granny who threw the drink, your booze was as cheap as your hairdo.”

If you’re wondering, McIntyre beat Kross in the match.

As a reminder, you can go to wrestling shows and interact with the performers verbally, but please don’t get physical or throw a drink on them. Be respectful.